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Hydraulic Presses

Product Spectrum
Product Spectrum

Product Spectrum, Hydraulic presses are used due to their versatility in sheet metal, powder, plastic and plastic forming. Pressing forces, ram stroke and speeds are adjustable. Further economic aspects are developed through the design of the drive and the use of modern control technology. more details

Punching Presses

Punching Presses

Punching Presses are successfully used in diverse industries. The flexible and economical production of sheet metal parts are produced in the best quality and many pieces. more details

Perforation Presses

Perforating Presse by ATM

Modern PLC Perforation press to produce a diverse range of perforated plates. Perforation of plate material up to 5500 mm in length and up to 250 (2000) mm wide and up to 2 mm thickness. more details

Workshop Presses

Workshop press

The Workshop presses are manufactured standard with the pressure capacity from 30 to 600 Metric tons. more

NC Hydraulic Press Brakes

Press Brakes
Press Brakes

CNC Hydraulic Press Brakesfrom ATM are fast and exceptionally accurate bending brakes for precise sheet metal forming through defined bending and edging. more

NC hydraulic guillotine shears

NC hydraulic shear

The NC hydraulic guillotine shears are manufactured using the latest technology. The frame and knife are designed so that the most precise cuts can be made. The NC hydraulic guillotine shears are built in a closed frame construction that minimizes torsion and at the same time enables good cutting results under difficult working conditions. NC hydraulic guillotine shears are built according to the CE standard and meet all applicable safety regulations more

Disposable Face Mask Production line

The machine is used to fully automated to produce disposal masks. The main advantage of the machine is high speed. The speed of the machine can be up to 130pcs per minute. The main production process flow is coil material feeding, nose bridge tendon feeding, folding, and pressing, mask cutting and forming, ear band feeding and ultrasonic welding, and finished product unloading.

Wooden Working Machineries

We supply Machineries for wooden industries.
Hydraulic presses, CNC Machinen, Sliding table saws, Edge banding machine, Drilling machines, Combination machines, Multipurpose woodworking machine, Sliding table saws, Polishing machine, Thicknesser/planner, Surface planer/jointer, Spindle Moulder/Shaper

Forging machineries

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