Disposable Mask Production Machine

Disposable Mask Production Machine

The machine is used to fully automated to produce disposal masks. The main advantage of the machine is high speed. The speed of the machine can be up to 130pcs per minute. The main production process flow is coil material feeding, nose bridge tendon feeding, folding, and pressing, mask cutting and forming, ear band feeding and ultrasonic welding, and finished product unloading. Automatically completes production from raw materials to finished masks. The produced masks are comfortable to wear, no pressure, good filtering effect of the masks, fit the human face, and can be used in medical, electronics, mining, construction, and other industries.

Mask Making Machine Parameters

ParameterStandard Specifications Mask Making Machine
Power supply220V Single Phase
Control System Fatek PLC, Taiwan
PneumaticJapan SMC, Taiwan AirTAC
Operation screenTouch screen
Lead screwTaiwan Hiwin
Equipment power13KW
Equipment weightca.1000kg
Number of applicable layers2-4 layer
Control system power1 Phase 220V 50/60HZ
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa, 300L
Applicable materialsPP, non-woven fabric, synthetic fiber
Processing methodsUltrasonic welding
Finished product specifications175*95mm(or custom made size)
Transmission Gear
  • Three layers of fabric are automatically aligned and feed, and welding system use ultrasonic waves are continuously pressed.
  • The production line adopts the structure of 2 lines, with high production efficiency
  • Nose clips and ear loop are automatically cut and welded by ultrasound
  • Automatic counting and palletizing after welding earbands

Mask Making Machine Detail Show

Picture for double ear loping

Applicable material specification:

Recommend Width (mm)Width Range (mm)Max. Roll Outer Diameter (mm)Roll Inner Diameter
Weight kg
Out layer Non-woven Fabric1175170~200Φ600Φ60-Φ80max 15
Inner layer Non-woven Fabric1165170~200Φ600Φ60-Φ80max 15
Meltblown fabric175170~200Φ600Φ60-Φ80max 15
Nose clip33~6Φ400Φ100max 25
Standard: 175*95mm

Production Specification:

Raw material support

We can supply fabrics: Melt blown PFE99+, Non-Woven, Nose Wire and Ear Rope

Gear transmission

Wrinkle shapping part

Nose bridge cutting and folding function

Mask shaping and ultrasonic welding part | Mask separating device

Ear looping cutting, welding machine and Stacking Unit

Option: fabric correction device