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2HM Care co. Ltd

2HM Care is a Vietnamese subcontractor of ATM. 2HM Care sales partners and representative offices in several countries around the world understand the language of the machines and are therefore competent contacts who offer customers all ATM products quickly, efficiently and based on their needs. Interested listeners who pay attention to and react to a wide range of customer requests and suggestions. Creative thought leaders who help prevent customer bottlenecks before they arise.

In forming technology, we supply tools, complete systems and know-how for the entire sheet metal or metal and thermoplastic processing industry.

Under the brand names 2HMCare, ATM and Elmali, we supply machines, systems and know-how for all plastics manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and their suppliers, shipbuilding manufacturers, the construction industry and companies from the household appliance and electrical industries are among our most important customers.

Around 50 engineers and technicians as well as over 350 highly qualified skilled workers, supported by sales and administrative specialists, are committed to the companies of the ATM Group.